Manage Boston Greet Your Aging With Energy and Openness, and Avoid These 3 Time Traps

Greeting the transitions of aging is a topic that brings up lots of different feelings for people. Because of that complexity, this can be a topic that writers sometimes shy away from.Indeed, ours is not a culture that is welcoming of the aging process. In part that’s because, wrapped in the process of aging, is the fact of human mortality. But the reality is that denial never helps. And once you step past denial and embrace the fact of aging, you discover that there are few things as rewarding as:

Finding time to accommodate changes as you age, and

Finding time to achieve true contentment as you grow to meet these essential challenges.

Aging probably shouldn’t be a surprise — but it truly is, for many of us.Intellectually, you know that with each birthday you grow older. However, some of the consequences of growing older can creep up on you, giving you an emotional jolt and leaving you without a plan, or even without the time required to make the necessary adjustments. When you find yourself in that spot, you know you’ve fallen into a time trap!

For example – does it seem that, as you age, projects ‘suddenly’ take much longer to complete? Of course, the slowdown has actually been occurring gradually over some period of time. But your realization of the reality of slowing down can seem to come out of the blue.The challenge, when you find yourself in this kind of a situation is to avoid three types of reactions that are really Time Traps because they keep you from living your moments as fully as possible:

First, avoid denial. It is tempting, when you first realize that it takes you longer to complete a task, to think this is a one-time occurrence and that if you simply focus and work harder, your original efficiency will return. It’s a time trap to behave as if something is going to return to the way it was when it probably won’t.

Second, avoid becoming entrenched in anger and frustration. This is a natural initial response, but as you grow angrier and more frustrated, you also become slower and less accurate. This time trap creates a vicious cycle in which your frustration grows as your efficiency and effectiveness dwindle.

Third, don’t remain mired in sadness. It is important, of course, to grieve the loss of your former level of efficiency as you work to embrace your new reality. By acknowledging and accepting this, you gain clarity about your options. Expressing your grief is one of the most freeing, cleansing, and deepening experiences that you can give yourself. The time trap comes into it if your grief is persistent and debilitating.

The difficulty that accompanies denial, chronic resentment, or despondency is that these responses limit your ability to make functional and appropriate time choices.

A much more fruitful and enriching path is to take the heart-based time management approach. Acknowledge your feelings of loss, and express them in appropriate ways within appropriate contexts. Then prepare to resolve the issues that arise. This balanced approach will keep you grounded and aware. It will enable you to maintain clarity and problem-solve effectively, to move forward, and to feel good about what you accomplish.That is your challenge as you greet your aging and avoid the time traps that can accompany this process – or really any process that involves loss! (And really, when you step back and think about it, this applies to ANY change – where there are always gains and losses… things to greet and things to grieve.)So, how are you greeting your aging – or other changes that you may be challenged by? Drop me a line… I’d love to hear your challenges, questions, and successes!

US Road Trips Offer a Real View of America – It’s Ideal to Know the Parking Rules

A variety of landscapes can be found exceptionally in the United States of America, ranging from Grand Canyon rock formations to the Yosemite redwood trees, the Hawaii volcanoes to Yellowstone National Park geysers, besides the Kansas prairies and the Utah snowy peaks.

The opulence and vastness of the States landscape draws tourists, writers, artists and more people every year. The roads are beautiful and fun that it is worth exploring. The Greyhound bus lines navigate for decades and are undoubtedly the best mode of transport. Considering to get an authentic experience of the road means hire a vehicle that offers the liberty to do as you want, thereby save on food and accommodation costs, besides being safe.

Visit the East Coast and see the New York bright city lights and proceed to Philadelphia. Soak into the South Carolina coastline and immerse into North Carolina beauty. Do not miss the government houses and museums. Proceed to Georgia and for best of the fun reach Miami for its sandy beaches and warm up in the sun.

The West Coast is geographically totally distinct from East Coast. Initiate first with Portland; proceed to Lake Tahoe and San Francisco. On this journey, do not miss out on Yosemite National Park. Your next stop must be in Monterey and proceed to the Big Sur cliff. Get dipped into a small town life, but get lost only in LA.

You may have heard a lot about America’s Route 66 and its prominent highways connecting to Chicago and Santa Monica, while it passes through New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and many more. This road trip offers road enthusiasts their part of pleasure while enjoying the real America.

Going by road, enjoying the road trip is true, but you have to be cautious about the US parking rules. There are places that require parked vehicles to be moved in every 72 hours, if it is on a public street parked. A vehicle code is issued and if it not moved in the specified 72 hours, your vehicle gets towed. Thus, before hitting on a road trip, get to know the road parking rules.

Remember that most areas have curb markings and also relevant street signs that you can park your vehicles in such areas, yet you must have a city issued valid permit. Of course the parking hours and days may be listed for your convenience and you must check it. You can avail a valid permit on showing your picture ID and your current registration to the police department.

Again, free parking is not coming really free even for the building residents. Actually, there is a wide spread of car-oriented in this city and so even after having enormous car parks, parking is an issue.

The Americans have to consider multi-storey car parks, so that they take minimum spaces and the cars have place to be parked. This can be done by transforming some old office building into some flats so that it creates parking space, but that is also not easy. The cost may prevent this activity.